What a wonderful word, provocative and all its spin-offs, provocation, provocateur, and the root word provoke. There are some side words like vocation, and probably vocal, but I'm too lazy to check it out.
But provocative, talk about a word that gets around. It's the kind of word that can skirt an issue and arouse interest by not even saying anything at all, just suggesting stuff.
Oh, I know, it's at this point my readers start to wonder if the blog they are reading is going somewhere and if it is, where and are there naked people involved.
Guess what? It is, and there are. Because I am into sending thought provoking enteries into the blogosphere.
So, here's your thought provpking statement for the day:
Never poke a sleeping nudist with a stick.
You were expecting something profound? Okay, how about this, never argue with a non-nudist. Reason with them, present facts, answer questions, but avoid confrontational arguing. Textile people don't need preaching or proselytizing, they need facts. They need positivity. They will ridicule, and yes provoke you, don't let them win.
Wait, I started out saying I like the word provocative, and I do. It has a nice cadence. And yes, I like to provoke people, if I can make you think,I feel satisfied with whatever conclusion you drew. Pick your fights folks. But remember, don't be a jackass.

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