art model ? be my guest

I may model again for the first time in several years and it's at a venue I have never been to before.
I started doing this close to twenty-five years ago, and it has never been steady, but it has helped pay for my tattoos in the past. It has never been necessity money. Admittedly, I would almost do it for free, yeah right. No way, unless it is for my wife. I love the little ding-a-lings that think it's an easy job. I have had less aches after working construction. I am exaggerating, but not by much. It always amazes me how many nudists think that it is no big deal either. Please, feel free to insult the generations of models before and after. Yes, being naked in front of a bunch of people is no big deal, but staying still, and holding a post for fifteen, twenty, thirty or more minutes is work.
I discourage anyone who says they'd like to try it. I will encourage someone who wants to do it. Major difference in try vs want.
This may be my last run at it, I don't know if I have the stamina for it anymore and it is an anniversary of sorts. So, next month, I will see what's available at the sign up.

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