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A while back, someone asked if it was okay to compliment other body parts like we compliment eyes or hair. Short answer, no.
The ladies have been subjected to cat calls for a long time. Brutus Khardashianus ended up in the gladiator ring for complimenting Cleopatra on her nice asp. Ferrous of Oxide got into trouble for calling Joan of Arc a hot chick.
All silliness aside, why would you want to compliment some one on their labia or scrotal sack? What possible scenario would a compliment about someone's nipples or foreskin be acceptable?
And exactly what is the point in complimenting someone anyway? What is your motive? No, I am not asking for an answer, because a) it varies and b) it was meant to be the kind of question you shoild think about before complimenting anyone for any reason. So, a safe solution, only give a compliment if it is a person you know, or if it is solicited.
Respect is the main objective. Always remember, if someone finds something you said objectionable, apologize and change the subject, it is not your right to tell them it isn't objectionable, or that they are too sensitive.

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  1. I think you nailed it when you wrote "Respect is the main objective". Commenting on someone's body parts, especially a stranger's, is anything but respectful. Although I am fairly new to the naturist scene, I find naturists to be generally more respectful than non-naturists.

  2. Giving compliments about "looks" in a naturist environment is fraught with pitfalls. The easiest of remarks such as 'You look very nice today' has brought difficult situations out.
    Sadly it can often be wisest to say nothing, unless you personally know the recipient well enough to know how they will react. I would never make remarks to anyone at all about just one part of their anatomy, never.

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