words take two

Oh we say we are for free speech,
But some words bother us still,
Like,"please stay on the line for an important message" and "this is your monthly bill"
What did you think I'd say?
Something vulgar or rude or obscene?
Something tacky, uncalled for or mean?
I am a champion of free speech,
Okay, I rattle on about it when ever I can,
So far not in public, but I will take a stand.
No, I haven't rallied for it,
Or written op ed pieces,
Or complained to nephews or niece's.
Okay, I oppose censorship, at home on my tablet,
On Facebook, social media and whenever I am able,
Okay, I write all my rants sitting at the kitchen table.
But I like words,
Dirty or clean,
Nice or obscene,
They color my speech like highlights of orange,
Or silver or purple or red
Some colorful language marks intelligence, so it's been said.
So, into a pit I have fallen,
With this there's no good way to end it
Well damn.

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