25 years

I know, I have mentioned it before, but I got to say it again, I first posed nude for an art class 25 years ago. That's a milestone. But what else goes along with that brag? Well, only my wife and kids, and a few others even know I have done it . Okay, there's folks reading this who know and the art students, but the rest of my family, nope. They'd freak. Which puts this little celebratory situation in a bittersweet position. Now, am I ashamed that I have done it? No, but there is a certain amount of bullshit I would rather not deal with and in that I think everyone can find a bit of common ground. Who knows, and who is best left in the dark? We all have our individual reasons.
The main concern, is that respect thing, don't out anyone who isn't out. Don't give them hell for it. Your experience is not the same.
And happy 25 years to me!

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