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I love to be the agitator from time to time. I get accused of being a curmudgeon by people who can't even spell the word curmudgeon. Sometimes its because people think "X" is awesome, but they don't think it through, sometimes they loathe "y" because they didn't bother to check it out. I drop hot potatoes for reactions and discussion and so far everyone has been civil. A round of beers and applause to us all.
It would be great if civil discourse was a norm and not a result of administration rules.
We can advance our cause through unity, and education, but the challenge is healthy discussion about the real positive merits of nudism. It's not enough to preach to the choir, you gotta proslytize. But what will you say? How do you avoid putting out the perv vibe?
You can talk until your a Smurfed out, but what are you saying, how does it normalize nudism?
Second and third question, and I very serious here, do you really want nudism acceptable? Why? Those two questions should be answered before you advocate.
Don't worry, I'm sure you can answer them in a way that satisfies you.

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  1. Nude is our normal state. Clothes are an artificial covering and necessary only in certain circumstances. It is more comfortable to be nude. People accept each other more when nude. Similar to what Joe Mohdest said, I enjoy being in my normal state of nudity and also seeing others that way. It's not sexual, but it is enjoyable. There are many other advantages and benefits of nudity. At a minimum, I want nudity accepted in recreational areas such as beaches, parks, pools, lakes, camps, resorts, etc. Although I know it will not happen in most cities, I'd also like to see nudity acceptable in stores, restaurants, theaters and other public places as long as people follow rules of behaviour whether clothed or not.

  2. Be careful touting the freedom aspect. Someone will take that as open season for rude behavior. Put them in the hot seat, ask them why nudism is wrong or bad, throw questions back at them and make them defend anti-nudist views. Have counter arguments ready. Know why you are a nudist.

  3. I like the term naturist over nudist, and naturism over nudist. Partially because it reinforces natural/nature side and partially because it's not as common in this country. Never forget, the choir needs preaching to too! Share those arguments and defenses. Some humor, some facts, and know your subject matter.

  4. People commenting when ignorant of the facts, depress me; all I say to them is 'don't knock it until you've tried it'. I believe that those commenting here are intelligent and have tried it, so the conversation remains civil, administration rules only being needed to weed out the ignorant who might stray in here from time to time.

    I do feel that comments here are 'preaching to the choir' and with the time I spend reading comments here I have to remind myself that Joe Public haven't read them, not even the rest of my family, so when they find me naked in the kitchen they will not know my reasons, unless I preach to them. Similarly if I am found naked by a member of the public when I'm out in the country, they will not know my reasons and will most likely base their assumptions on what they have read in the media, who like to mock us.

    What would I say? All that we repeatedly say here; "it's about freedom", "comfort", "not sexual", etc. How do I avoid putting out the perv vibe? Careful choice of words for one; nothing is ever 'hard' about Naturism, it might be difficult, but never hard! I trust you get my drift. The more we talk about it, the more we educate and, back to the start of this conversation, that can only help.

    I would like nudism to be acceptable for the simple reason that it would extend my freedom; as I had written on my back for the WNBRs this year "Why can't I do this everyday?"

  5. I love the feeling of being naked; I believe the human body is a magnificent intersection of form and function and I admire and take pleasure in seeing the human body in its natural state, and I want others to 1) enjoy the many benefits of nudism, and 2) appreciate the body as I do. Finally, I want to be allowed to be naked in more places. These are the reasons why I want nudism accepted.

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