about that fairy…

I have 18 tattoos. 12 dragonflies, joined ribbons, a Chinese ideogram for the year of the rooster, a big fairy, a Hana Fuda card, an ambigram and a red dot.
For those with no tattoos, the following answers will clear up a few things, yes, no, yes, yes and maybe.
There is a story behind all of them, but do I know you? People ask inappropriate questions all of the time and expect answers. Just because you're curious, doesn't mean you have a right to an answer. Now one of the great things about inked folks, we tend to want people to ask. We may not give an answer for all of them, hell, you may not even know about some of them. I post full nudes of myself and I guarantee you, you probably won't ever see one of them. They are all visible. Not all at the same time due to how they are oriented on my arms, but there are no back tattoos, at this time. I could probably show you a close-up of my left arm and hand and you'd probably not even recognize it as a tattoo. And in truth, why would you care?
That's the point, why do or would you care? We are curious folks, not just nudists, everybody. Sometimes it's plain old nosiness. But without the curiosity,we wouldn't have micro technology. Lifespans might be shorter and we definitely would be less advanced in many more ways. Luddites might be happy, but the rest of us, maybe not as much. We want to meet new people, talk about common interests, compliment each other's photos, and be a social group, and I think we do a pretty good job of it. Curiosity can lead to caring, we can empathize and sympathize, that's a good thing. We care because we need to care. We lose small bits of humanity if we don't. Eventually, we'd become bitter and callous if we didn't.
The dot is an Iri Bokuru, "to insert a kiss", if I grip my wife's hand and extend my thumb, and she extends hers, the dots are where the thumbs end. We did it for our thirtieth anniversary. We were born in separate Chinese calendar years, I have the ideogram for her year, rooster, she has the dog for my year. I have a dragonfly for her, for our thirty fifth, she has one for me. All my dragonflies are for family members. The ambigram for fire was a birthday commemorative, sort of, as was one of the dragonflies. Hana fuda card is the harvest moon card, or August moon, family vacations as a kid were in August. The fairy, well she actually has no significance, yep, I just found one I liked and it ended up bigger than I wanted.
Stay curious.

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