does this photo make my ( ) look fat?

We can't control every facet of our day and have perfect days everyday. Textile days remind us of why nudity can be a social leveler. No worries about whether out shirt or pants or skirt are wrinkled. No worry about whether or not pants make our butts look fat. Yay, we're nude! If we eliminate the exhibitionism and the porno aspects of nudity, we are left with an interesting idea. Will we, can we achieve body positivity? I seriously doubt judgemental asshats would suddenly cease to exist. Cyberbullying could increase. And despite the possible onslaught of negative comments, it may still be a true liberation from slavery to fashion and even faddism. It is a fight worth engaging in, but …
Things have to change within the communities, both nude and textile. The titillation factor has to go. Nudity has to become commonplace. Any opportunity that comes up should be used toward that end. The World Naked Bike Rides have quite a bit of body painting, and the Oregon Country Fair does too, and in both cases, there is freedom and limits. That is not a bad thing, incrementally introducing nudity into public accessable spaces eventually leads to the "meh!" attitude. Nude protests help, next time you go to catch a plane, announce your opposition to the full body scanner, and strip. That announcement makes it a protest, with out it, you're facing legal problems. Attend nude protests, even if you disagree with the protest, who cares? You're naked in public. Start nude swimming clubs, learn local laws, you might be surprised at how many places that nudity is okay, provided it isn't visible from the street or a public thoroughfare.
Believe it or not, federal parks in the U.S. hold to community standards, in regard to nudity.
Start educating folks. Send out invites to people for a nude swim night at the local pool. Whatever you think will help.
Of course there are out jobs to consider, and how publicly flaunting nudism can be problematic.
Is nudism really a right? That's a rhetorical question, it isn't. Despite skinny dipping presidents, and a long history of it being tolerated in various areas and legal in many places, it isn't a right outside of the home. Okay, you think otherwise? Well, if it was, then where are the laws guaranteeing your right to be naked? Outside of Berkley or NYC and some legal nude beaches, it's still regulated more against than for and that's the issue. If it is a right, you could be nude anywhere and nope you can't. Should it be a right? Sure, why not?
One last thing, answering the door for the pizza guy stark naked is exhibitionism. Staying nude at home is one thing, especially if your friends know you do it. It's different when the maintenance guy, plumber or delivery guy shows up, it is kind of rude, and only adds to the negative views about nudists. Until nudism is more acceptable, I can't help but think it isn't a good idea.

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