don't even get me started

If I listed things I disliked, it could take awhile and really, why would you even want to engage in my negativity?
I mean, seriously, I may appreciate mild s&m, but why would you subject yourself to a laundry list of stuff I dislike? Not even stuff I hate, just don't like. That is an easily avoided downer. Not only that, it goes against my Buddhist leanings to share such a list. So, I won't, I'll spare you. I can hear the grumblings, "Well why did you even bring it up? Were you considering a possible sympathetic response?" I don't know and nope, in that order.
Okay, I brought it up because, feelings. We share stuff, put photos up and write about ourselves or about things that are important to us and we sometimes want support, recognition, friendship, sympathy, or validation. Whatever the reason for us baring our bodies and sometimes souls, we have our own reasons. We may question the thought processes, (are you crazy?) behind some posts (what the hell were you thinking?) but in general, we try to remain thoughtful and respectful (even if we think someone is a complete jackass), we try to mind our manners. We don't always get the story behind the fairy tattoo, (and I am not telling you now, maybe later), and that's okay. We share stories and pictures and we reveal what we want to reveal in doing so. You've seen me naked, now what else do you want to know?

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