smoke bombs

Remember those balls with the fuse, that you lit, tossed, and smoke billowed out of them? Firework stands sold them every holiday season that celebrated something that fireworks seemed like an appropriate thing to use. I once lit one, I was about fourteen at then time, and rolled it into a crowd. They parted like the Red Sea and I walked through like a teenage Moses. Well, I no longer do that kind of thing,not with fireworks anyway, I now do the literary equivalent, I love ideas into crowded forums to shake things up, get folks to thinking. The difference in the literal vs the not literal is the literal burns out and gets forgotten. The not literal, well, it can continue to cause comments because someone new aread emweeks or months later. The original context may be lost, a salient point may have been deleted, the participants in the discussion may have forgave and forgot, and all in all, memory of the post may be faded after a time so defending it may be a little more difficult. I'll still love that smoke bomb despite any or all that.
Newcomers to nude recreation and nudist lifestyle don't always voice their concerns or ask what they would like to ask. They may still be getting used to the idea of being seen with no textile protection, or not used to the idea that there really are people that don't care that they have a few extra pounds or freckles or stretch marks. As with any group, newcomers need guidance and open and healthy discussions, without personal attacks, help keep people educated and make them more likely to enjoy their experience.
Never forget your first time being nude in the presence of others. It can be scary, or a relief. It can be fun or mortifying. My first job as an artist model, I didn't know until just before I posted, whether I was going to keep the flimsy male thong on or not. The teacher was talking, I had on the thong and a robe, and at some point, I let it fall to my feet and I pocketed it. When it was time to disrobe, I wasn't wearing a stitch. The teacher was kind of surprised, but only because he figured I'd be semi covered.
That feeling occurs, just before being nude before a group of clothed students, even now if I am to pose before a new group.
I don't have that same feeling at hot springs or some other nudist meet up, because nudists tend to be less judgmental. Be kind, be patient and ask questions for the new arrivals. Listen and answer without being snarky when they ask questions. Be open to new ideas, even if they aren't new and you have heard them for the last thirty years you've been a nudist. Sometimes you might hear it from a new perspective and with a new set of facts and you may change a long held belief.
I love smokebombs, you can always do what one fellow did way back when I did it then, kick it aside and go on about your business. I won't mind at all.

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