Why so serious?

We can have fun being nude, and there is a great deal to be said for the idea. And here comes the "but", there is a time for seriousness that needs addressing.
N magazine, back when it was still Nude and Natural, had an article on campus nudist groups. Most of the photos were group shots or textiles and nudists talking. There were however, two shots that serve as a basis for this rant. One was a group shot of club members clothed, and the shot next to it were the same kids,nude, but in a pose where body positioning and an exaggerated "ta-da" pose hid all, but managed to convey their nudist creds. The photo was silly. (Don't get me wrong, I love silly, I have a Facebook page devoted to it)To me, it was outputting. Even though I realize it may have been designed to be yearbook friendly, it seemed like it was a "hey look we're being naughty" pose. Kids posing as nudists. Naughty is fun, burlesque is fun, but promoting social nudity starts with a disadvantage. We all know this. People have negative feelings about it. The playful side doesn't have to be left out or ignored for advertising or promoting, it just needs to be thought out better than this example.
There are nude clubs that have masquerades, and "costume" parties for Halloween, and their promotional pages on the web advertise their activities, and yet manage to convey a grown-up sensibility.
I realize I may sound likea fuddy duddy, but if we want nudism to be taken seriously, then there are times we need to act like adults.

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