a break

We all need an occasional break from whatever. I took one from Facebook, after recent events, I can't keep wallowing in the daily political whatevers. So, I am off that social medium for a bit.
"Yay, you're headed toward the road to…" Shut up Phil!
I tried something years ago, I gave up red meat and that included pork, then last year. so long poultry.
I eat fish. I took a long break from red meat for health reasons and, why not?
I have tried to break from politics, but to quote Michael Corleone in the Godfather 3, "Everytime I get out, they pull me back in" (I knew all those film classes would pay off eventually). Anyway, it's Buddhist lesson number 253, giving up what ails you. Not that I did any of it for anything close to religious reasons, if I wanted to practice religion, I wouldn't be a Buddhist. So, I take breaks. Okay, I quit red meat. If you have a friend that occasionally causes stress, take a break from them. Same with anyone or thing, take a break, a breather, a leave me the hell alone moment. It benefits you and them. Trust me on this one. That hour long me time in the tub recharges you and helps give you alone time. Got kids? Put a harness on them and hang them from a tree for a few hours, I'm kidding, twenty minutes is fine. No, don't do that, but you can hire a sitter or drop them off at Grandma's. Just take a break.
Go read a book under a tree. Take a break. Giving up what ails you doesn't ever have to be a downer. It can be a new avenue toward new things. You have the in born ability to adapt, and if it means a permanent break, so be it. Just remember your health deserves it.

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