Help others become nudists!

I have found nudity so freeing so relaxing so enjoyable I don't understand how people can be in the clothes the world all the time I enjoy meeting new people who are nudist and I enjoy helping people become Nudist…

14 thoughts on “Help others become nudists!”

  1. We just don't get it, why do people hide the fact that they are nudist (or are they Truly Nudist). We are open about being nudist, no swimsuits in the pool or hot tub. All our kids and grand kids would never wear swimsuits.
    The truth of the matter is they bring there friends over to visit because they enjoy being part of this nudist lifestyle. Our philosophy is ask and we shall tell you. Respect to our fellow nudist.
    Diane & Louis

  2. Sharing ourselves with the world allows people to experience naked human bodies. Posting photos of humans going about daily lives without clothes gives a whole new perspective to people who grew up believing and being taught that clothes are mandatory and normal. Being seen in person naked doing ordinary life is even more important for clothed people to see and become used to. I now post naked photos of myself on-line every day, especially on Twitter and other non-nudist places.

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