There are tall words, short words, skinny words, fat words, long words and small words. Words that rhyme, words that don't, words that could and words that won't. The question is, are there words that shouldn't? We can pretend, with words that offend, and with words that are crude, even words that are lewd, but what does it get us with words that are nude? Stripped of their meaning, not sure what to do, are there words out of context that truly offend you?
Do we shrivel up, and hide over words that are obscene, or do we sit back and giggle like a post adolescent teen?
Is Willie worse then penis or dare I say dick? Does saying the clinical keep us healthy or sick?
I tell you what, do I dare say the word that rhymes with rot?
We have had a laugh over jokes about balls,
which doesn't change my love of Lou Rawls, but truthfully whether a word reaches the goal by pass or by punt, is no one offended by the one that rhymes with hunt?
Now all joking aside, and bad rhyme schemes too,
What offends me, isn't the same as what offends you.
I like all words the blasphemous to sacred and all those in between,
Remember this, it's never the word, it's the intent that's obscene.

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