how about nature-alist/nature-alism

Okay so nudism/naturism debate is a thing, and here I thought it was a matter of location.
I have a solution, nature+alist/nature-alism. Hey, everyone says they want natural organic food. We are told to get back to nature. So, as of today, I am a naturalist.
It's a control thing, really it is. We pick a word we like, know what we mean by it and stick to it.
We can defend it, and it's our chosen thing. But, someone else comes along and says they are that other thing but it looks like our thing and their thing isn't named the same but…
Don't get into the semantics argument rut, don't grab hold and not be willing to let go. It's a label, not a family name.
You're going to have to explain the difference between nudism and naturism at some point, and it isn't that big a deal to do so. Just never forget, that they don't care about the fluff contraversy surrounding the two words.
Neither do I. I'm a nature+alist.
I was reminded that a naturalist is a Jane Goodall type scientist.

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