Exhibitionism and protest nudity

We know what exhibitionists look like. Those girls that yank down their top and show boobies, (cause really? At that moment, breasts is too dignified of a word for that act), or pull up their skirts. Guys open overcoats and flash, which has gotten sooooo, passe'. But what about protest nudism? Where is the line between exhibitionism and nudity for s cause? If courts hasn't ruled it as protest speech, therefore a First Amendment right, it would fall under the same lewd and lacivious conduct laws as the other. Which is weird, because one is done for…wait for
it…titillation and the other is protesting a war or something. Lady Godiva's children have been around a long time. So, what then to do about the titillators?
The exhibitionists kind of screw it up for evrybody. Mardi Gras legitimized it to some extent, but bead whores aside, what can be done?
Well, for one thing, don't participate in it, ever. Save your nudism for sanctioned locations, or protests. Second, educate, and third save the outrage for more important things. If public nudity becomes more acceptable, the childish behavior will reduce, some. In the meantime, it tends to be a phase. Once folks leave college, they tend to leave that kind of thing behind. There will always be some who never out grow it, but i still like Bugs Bunny, so to each their own.

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