That word, loaded, fraught with pitfalls and peril. A tarbaby waiting for an unsuspecting victim to pick it up.
What pray tell constitutes exhibitionism? Most folks would say titillation is an overlying factor. The person doing the flash or showing themselves off get a vicarious thrill from it. Titillation because, oh look, I'm being naughty. Juvenile behavior also comes to mind. But,is all exhibitionism bad?
I have been paid to be nude, I have also worshipped nude. I have jumped balefires nude. Yeah,I have pagan leanings.
What I have never done is strip and streaked. I have been one of a few naked people in a room full of clothes people.
Yet, despite the number of people who have seen me in art classes, at hot springs or beltane gatherings, I would not say I am an exhibitionist, although there are folks who would disagree.
What is it about them that is wrong? Obviously, there is the near porn nature of some of the exhibitionist photos.
And the automatic association of sex and nudity by textiles comes to mind. The thing is, do they really hurt the cause that much? I understand the ban, makes a lot of sense, but off site, are they really that big of a threat?
"Bead whores" at Mardi Gras aside, if it occurred more often, wouldn't reactions eventually die out? Is it possible that ennui would set in? And it may lead to acceptable nudity outside of the set aside places?
It is possible that we need to keep exhibitionism around for the twelve year old male titillation factor, simply because it adds oomph to nude protesting.
So, the question remains, is exhibitionism really that bad?

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