Boobs Away?

It's almost considered a joke situation now (by regular contributors on the Naktiv site), the arrival of Jehovah's Witnesses at the door of a naked person. No doubt you have either had a similar experience yourself or you have known someone who has. Here's a slight variation that happened to our niece (Lisa) just yesterday. Her neighbour is a lady of 88 years old, she said to Lisa on Saturday "I have to go away for a few days,on Monday when my friend Sam comes to take me to church just say I'm away and I'll phone Sam on Thursday when I'm returning". So as a caring neighbour Lisa, who was busy cleaning her patio, put a note on her door "Call at my back door please Sam, Hilda isn't home"

Lisa got her t-shirt soaked and simply removed it and her bra before resuming work. As she got engrossed in cleaning her chairs she was unaware of someone stood just behind her, she got a shock when she turned to see a priest there! After a slight pause the Catholic priest said "I was aware that Hilda could be away this weekend, I wasn't aware her neighbour was without half of clothes." Before she could reply Lisa just gaped as the priest sharply turned and marched out of the garden. She looked down at her breasts and muttered 'I never thought I would be so rejected by a man of God because he saw you two boobies!'

What happens next? maybe someday soon we'll be told?

4 thoughts on “Boobs Away?”

  1. neither the Jws or the Mormons even venture into my cove. last time was several years ago. i was out front working on the car. something that always puts me in a foul mood.

    they come up my walk oblivious to the fact im elbow deep in the wheel well, and the conversation runs something like this.

    Jw: can we have a few minutes of your time?
    me: no im busy.
    jw : we woulld,
    me : what part of no do you not understand?
    jw: we would like to leave this with you
    me: no thank you I have my own beliefs and religion
    jw: can i ask what those are?

    Me : slowly standing up (im 6'2) staring down at them, Im Wiccan.

    JW faceblank, whats that.

    me: scowling, IM A Witch.

    jw hasty retreat never came back

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