Thuringa Forrest naked wander woche

New to the Naktive network and finally having holiday's when a naked walk is being organized we managed to join the Thuringa Forrest naked walking week.

We're not new to Naturism at all but something like this we had never done before so it was a big step to take but it turned out just a small step into a fantastic experience week.

As my partner already keeps a blog separately from this network I post here the links one by one to the naked walking week from this past summer, bit easier. So, if you are interested in this, feel free to click, we would love to get some more hits on the pages. You also find a whole host of other stories in the blog as well, but mostly not naturist themed as, let's face it, it's still a textile world out there !

Enjoy, and we hope that in the near future we can enjoy more of such events as we got the Naked Wandering bug now !

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