A Naked Work in Progress, (Part 3)

In part one, I listed some motivations of human behavior. In part two, I wrote about my wife's reluctance to social nudity but her participation in secluded, outdoor nudity.

I drew the two together by suggesting that my best approximate of success in getting her to try naturism is through an emotional appeal, i.e. to her sense of fun and humor than by cold logic or pressure (pressure. of course being counter-productive).

I feel it is worth noting a few more examples. Her first outdoor event where she stripped nude was on a small boat(just us and our young son) in California. I was taking pictures of her and telling her how beautiful she is, and suggested she strip, and to my surprise, she did, and she posed for the camera. After the trip, she stunned me by saying she wanted me to strip also…if only she had told me on the boat!

We are often nude at home, including around our son but she less so than myself outside of task nudity. She is more apt to dress him but he is allowed to run nude/partly so at times.

I have also been successful at getting her to strip while on long trips in the car. I start by massaging her shoulders with my free hand (the other on the wheel), and progressively remove clothing to better massage her. It takes a relatively long trip, a good mood and some gentle teasing, etc, but I've gotten her to strip numerous times, for varying distances, usually at night but occasionally during daytime. 🙂

That said, recently we went camping, and on two separate days she skinny-dipped and posed nude for me to take pictures of her while in secluded locations. By her reaction, I am quite sure she enjoyed the skinny-dipping although she is likely to refrain from admitting how much in order to avoid me getting further ideas. :).

I believe she is more comfortable being nude outdoors than she used to be; the challenge is that there are so few areas where it is safe/legal to be nude outdoors, which is pretty much private nudist campgrounds/clubs/etc.

Going from secluded nudity to social nudity is a big hurdle at this point. Obviously the progress will continue to be slow and patience is a continued requirement. Just posting this to give hope to others with reluctant partners and perhaps to get some ideas on bridging the gap between secluded and social nudism. I so want to be clothes-free, naturally in an environment where it is safe, relaxed, and to have my family with me!

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  1. The 'Me, too' campaign on social media I think said a lot about how women are consistently harrassed, so I can understand the reluctance of many women who are comfortable with nudity being naked outside of the home. I have even seen women being ogled at the local nudist beach, and I can see why they are put off, too. The naturist society I belong to has very strict rules about sexual harrassment and enforces them, so that might be a way of introducing your wife (and son) to social nudity in a non-threatening way.

    • Thanks, Mattock. I think your observations and the resulting conclusions are quite logical in regards to women feeling harrassed. They have much reason to do so. I'm grateful both for women who are standing up to and shaming the harrassers, and I am grateful for those women who have courage to promote Naturism and be natural despite the boorish behavior of some men. I don't foresee my wife going to a Naturist resort anytime soon, but anything is possible!

      • Thanks to both Mattock & Joe. These observations have been recognised for many long years. To improve the situation we can all strive for equality and respect. Stop treating females as something to 'ogle' (stare at in a sexually motivate manner), stop making lewd and lecherous comments about them and parts of their bodies.
        Just by simply being sensibly respectful to EVERYBODY we can encourage a more open & inclusive world of naturism/nudism. RESPECT!

  2. Great posting. I am in similar situation in that my wife enjoys the comfort and freedom, but still working through body shame issues. We were recently on a weekend together and I found a bed and breakfast with a private hot tub, patio and small courtyard. Naked in the tub for sure and I stayed naked as often as possible. It was raining at one point and I loved standing in the rain. She finally let loose, got naked and joined me as we frolicked together. Hoping one time leads to another!

    • That is a great story! Hopefully she will remember how much fun she had at the next time you have the opportunity! I think the best next step may be connecting with another nudist friend and inviting them to be nude at ours or their house. Especially if it's a nudist couple, she may be more inclined to join in. Another option may be to go to a nudist beach where she doesn't know anyone. Unfortunately there are no nude or c/o beaches near where we live now.

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