A work progressing (Part 4)

Recently had a change in travel plans, and enjoyed a brief trip to Andaluca, Spain with my family. The beaches were warm and beautiful, as was the sightseeing. Food was fresh and overall good (usually last minute choices rather than upscale dining) and the people were very friendly and extremely helpful despite my small grasp of Spanish.

While we stayed at a private, textile beach, we did visit a couple public beaches. While there were topless girls at both, the one was more secluded and at least 3 others (1 male and 1 couple) were nude. I stripped and enjoyed the afternoon clothes-free. My wife had some initial concerns until she saw the couple walk by, and we discussed the relaxed views on nudity in Spain and while she remained in her suit, several times it seemed she was considering removing it.

She also expressed concern about children seeing their parents nude (My young son sees us nude frequently and is asking body questions) and wants to see any studies done by psychologists on the issue. I appreciate any ideas on this; I know it's limited.

At one point I had suggested she try it (she's skinny-dipped with me and my son in private before) and she said she would have to be in a secluded area. I took that as an indication that Costa Natura and its nudist beach was out of the question for this trip, given the short stay. But it was only the second time I had been nude, in front of others while she was present (she knows I hike naked and had also visited a nude beach after hiking, when we lived in California). So she didn't condemn me, just expressed that she doesn't understand the desire to be nude in front of other. And we had a great day, as a family, at the beach, and I got to be nude, so I considered it a great day.

My only hope is that she will learn to enjoy nudism as I do. Not pressuring her, but next steps should be fun. Having recently joined TNS, I am looking forward to giving their materials to her to read and the resulting discussion and/or questions, now that we are back home.

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  1. My wife soon 'adapted' to being nude around our own home early in our marriage. She was, however, reluctant to let any others see her, one day she was doing some ironing on our patio (nude)when a female neighbour suddenly appeared at the back door with some freshly collected strawberries, my wife calmly invited the visitor into the patio without a seconds thought, it was only after about 5 minutes when the woman said "Since I've been a widow I often do housework naked." did Rosemarie suddenly realise she was still nude herself.
    After that day her confidence being unclothed grew, but she mostly now prefers to be dressed. If she is having a 'nuddy' time she still isn't too worried who see's her.

  2. "She also expressed concern about children seeing their parents nude (My young son sees us nude frequently and is asking body questions) and wants to see any studies done by psychologists on the issue."

    Your son's body questions are perfectly natural. By allowing him to ask them and by answering them honestly with just enough to satisfy his curiosity at whatever stage he is, you will be avoiding his curiosity becoming an obsession, so he will grow up without the hang-ups that beset so many people.

    Studies by psychologists can often be heavy-going, especially if you are reading in your third language! A good starting point to convince a sceptic would be this article:
    I hope that helps.

    • Brian: Thanks! I did get a chance to do some research, and found this as well as a few other studies/articles about studies. Haven't shown them to her yet, but I did say: "Would you give up wine, or driving, b/c he has questions but can't participate?" She didn't seem to think it was the same thing, but neither did she stop our son from seeing her nude again today. (She doesn't stay nude around the house, but doesn't hide from task nudity.

    • It's unfortunate but understandable that you have to make a purchase to access many studies. I appreciate intellectual property but it makes it harder to communicate the results of those studies in order to convince a skeptical audience.

    • I can't change her; only she can change, if she so chooses. I can only share with her what I experience and allow her to choose whether or not to try. That said, it is natural both to share a thrilling experience with friends and to try new experiences with friends who already participate/are familiar with those experiences.

      Given we had a child together, I can assure you that in the bedroom nudity is not new or a problem for her. I am just hoping to expand the boundaries beyond home and isolated places. 😉

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