Progress, part 5

Hard to believe it’s been a year since my trip to Spain.  It was full of change: a promotion at work, numerous  week to month long trainings, as well as presentations and recently a successful two month project in another state.  

I have had a number of opportunities to hike nude, skinny dip, or sunbathe nude but no progress on convincing my wife… until this weekend.  We’d been to the textile beach several times and I would remove my swimsuit once in the water and but I couldn’t swim that way for risk of being observed nude, since my body would be parallel to the surface.  But we went on holiday after I returned from out of town and visited Florida.  Spending time together has been great for our family and not surprisingly, for our relationship as a couple. 

I told my wife the other night that for my birthday, I wanted her to visit a nudist resort with me.  She had questions of course, some reluctance, but not totally opposed. I explained how I’ve been nude in the water at the beach and how much fun it was.  We talked about my visits to a nudist resort in the area and where we might go.  This past Sunday, we we went to a textile beach, and she took off her swimsuit in the water and had a great time being nude even while others walked the beach.  Though the water was too dark to see through, she said the waves made it exhilarating and she even was topless with water at waistline after most beachgoers had left.  We talked about hiking nude and what happens when I run into people while naked. I explained most people smile or laugh.  I think she might finally be “coming out of her shell” and beginning to catch the thrill of being nude outdoors.  Next step is for her to experience a nudist club now that she has an open mind and enjoy nude social interaction.  Can’t wait to see her realize how much fun it is! 

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