Fun Friends & Sunny Days.

We’ve had the best couple of months for weather that I can recall for many years, the continuous sun filled days have brought so many really good outdoor happiness times for my family group. (plus friends!). When we first realised that the weather was going to be great & uninterrupted we opened up our long back garden & got our gardening pal to tidy it up & cut back all the bushes & undergrowth that had slowly started to take over our extended lawn area. For the first two or three days when we were out there enjoying the heat & bringing out the extra seating & the BBQ equipment, we were leisurely enjoying our own company. My wife Rosemarie & myself then joined by Lisa, Mike & Daniel. Soon Lisa’s friends Peter & Jess and their teen daughter Kerry were popping by to enjoy our secluded ‘nude only’ group. It was so good to have friends around, plus a few from a club we used to regularly go to a few years ago. After another day or two my care givers started joining us and staying back after their days tasks were done. Mary-Jo, Carol & Beth joined in easily but Beth would not take off her panties because she said “That’s my private part, no-one gets to see there!”.

Yes those long lazy days have been so relaxed and carefree, the good people that seemed to get invited along all enjoyed the space & the time to get naked & not worry about anybody else. The only neighbour that can just see our garden rarely says anything and they both just quietly accept whatever they see in our place. Although we did get one funny comment from Mrs Davis, “I had wondered why Jim was so keen to redecorate our spare bedroom this past week or so, then I went up and caught him sat by the window with a beer! Then I understood, so did he when I yelled at him!” apparently he got the bedroom done double quick from that point onwards.

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  1. We often talk about naturism in general terms when we just sit around in a ‘family’ group, it’s often commented on that more & more beach resorts are slowly becoming more relaxed about nudity or ‘topfree’ sunbathing. It still seems odd to us though that many naturists are reluctant to speak about their own naturism/nudism to strangers or in workplaces. We taught Lisa to be careful about being alone with males she didn’t know, but otherwise in mixed groups, as she grew up, it could easily crop up that she would mention our lifestyle when talking about holidays, leisure time & daily life routines. It was always the case that there would be some ‘open mouthed amazement’ but there were people who would say “How amazing, I wish our family were like yours, I would love to go nude on holiday”. More and more she (and us) would say go ahead and tell your family, suggest some relaxing of ‘home rules’ on relaxing and talk about what you want to try.
    Is it coincidence then that we are it seems becoming a more ‘tolerant’ society & people are talking about their options and lifestyles, do we need to keep pushing the naturism/nudism life to the wider world? Our answer, as a family, is YES we most definitely do, for the few negative remarks we get there are many more ‘possibles’ and a few more ‘I think I might just give it a try’ people around than ever before. We don’t have any issues talking about naturism/nudism in ordinary social groups or in any conversations, do you ?

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