A bright “Sparky” !

We have had so many experiences of people coming into our home and so many varied reactions from them. How often do people visit someones home and see that ALL the people are naked? Well, we always tell people before they need to come, that chances are we will be either partially dressed or just plain nude, the reactions have always been ‘funny’ or shocked. One person even hurled all kinds of abusive foul language at us and just slammed down the phone!  Recently we needed an electrician to come & fit a new plug socket in our kitchen so we phoned the same people we have used for around 10 or 12 years, they know us and they have done total rewires for us in years gone by. Two of their previous ‘sparks’ would often strip and happily work naked or in short pants. I told them what we needed and reminded them it was us & we would not be putting clothes on if we were naked. That was all fine and the receptionist assured me a regular ‘fitter’ would come.

Around 1:30pm the next day two people came to do the socket, one man who we have seen before & a young female!  I led them through to our kitchen  and my wife made them both a coffee, they both seemed ok with nudity and we started to show them the work we needed doing, the man “Danny” took off his t-shirt and measured up the walls just bare chested. We noticed that the young female was quick to introduce herself because Danny had just simply not bothered to. “Hi pleased to meet you, I am Paula and I am a trainee and I am well able to assist Danny”. To our amazement (and probably Danny’s) she then said “It is a very warm and pleasant day, your kitchen area is quite warm too, do you mind if I get out of this shirt & stuff?” For about 10 seconds there was a look of stunned shock on Danny’s face & just smiles on ours. My wife Rosemarie simply answered “Whatever makes you comfortable and you are happy, that’s fine with us.” Then Paula went to the bathroom and soon after she returned wearing just panties. Her slim figure and auburn hair looked very healthy and with an even light tan all over. She smiled and said “My family & myself have just had 3 weeks on a naturist holiday, my boss at work explained about coming to your home and I am so pleased to meet other naturists in this area.”  We were so pleased with her openness and her lovely attitude was a breathe of fresh air compared to many we have experienced before!

Needless to say that Danny was very distracted and not quite working at his usual rate. The pair of them chatted happily and whenever we could we joined their chat & supplied a little food for them as they worked. We saw that Danny had settled to working with his almost naked colleague and she was very capable of doing her work AND abruptly verbally stopping any remarks from Danny that she thought were just not needed. Just before 5:30pm Paula went to get dressed again, she told us that she had totally enjoyed her afternoon in our home, she was feeling very refreshed & just a little bit cold with the air blowing in from outdoors. The work that both of them did to complete the job was very well done, it was probably the best experience we have had with workers in our home. The next day we phoned the company and the owner spoke to us, he was so pleased that everything had gone well and said that Paula was a very good trainee & she had volunteered herself to come to us. He knew he would be keeping her certainly through her training and hopefully after she qualified.  We look forward to meeting her again, I know that Danny will not forget working for us, probably he will be the one volunteering next time to work with Paula when he can.

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  1. What a great story and so positive. I’m a naturist decorator but unfortunately don’t get as many jobs working for naturists as I’d like. But when I have it’s always been a great pleasure.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. During my years as an electrician I never had the chance to work naked with the customer around, and no naturist customers unfortunately. But on occasion, if I was working alone and knew no one would be around I took the opportunity to work naked, just safety boots and tool-belt. Very satisfying experience each time, and always wished I’d found naturist clientele.

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