Naturistas beach cleanup day at Playa del Torn.

The naturistas of Catalunya declared the 8th of September as clean up naturist beach day. To this end, I pottered along to the well known Playa del Torn, which runs behind the Templo del Sol naturist campsite. I’m not sure if I missed the meeting point, or whether nobody else turned up on the day, but I seemed to be alone on the beach of naturists mostly just beginning their day of sunshine. The beautiful beach swept in a long gentle curve to the south and looked very clean so I thought at first there was nothing, or not much, to do.


On the whole the local naturists, and the campsite above, keep the place fairly clean. However, having decided to clean up, I thought I’d better find some muck, somewhere. By going along the edge of the beach, scouring the steep sections of loose and tumbling stones, and scouting around the sharp undergrowth and trees along the cliff edge, I found sufficient rubbish to keep me busy for a couple of hours. Inbetween a couple of dips into the smoothly sloping golden sand covered beach, I managed to collect a solid black bag full of junk which had been carelessly collecting itself in the bushes.

Other beaches probably have more rubbish on them, and while the local councils, and campsites, go to a lot of effort to periodically clean up after the tourists, my feeling is that it’s still up to the people who are using the beaches to keep them clean “on the hoof”. It was a good excuse to go to the beach, in any case. 🙂

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