Why wobble?

We often have people coming into our home on a daily basis. The majority are either care workers (care givers?) who attend our individual medical conditions & medications. They are a wonderful & dedicated trio of women and they (in turn) come in here like entering their own homes. Wonderful people!! We also have family people who are not only the very centre of our lives & so loved, they too are naturists! We also have some really nice neighbours who socially like to pop in and visit us at least once per week. So though our own mobility is a big issue with us we do have a very comfortable daily life at home.  One of our neighbours (Nell) popped round to see us yesterday with a 4 year old great grandson, she seemed to be in an anxious state and gratefully accepted a cup of coffee and a comfy armchair, the boy sat calmly on the floor looking through a selection of books we keep handy for small children. Nell told us that she was looking after the youngster for a full day and was really loving having him with her, but, a problem had come up, she needed to go to a clinic for an important blood test result and she felt she couldn’t take the boy with her, she asked if we could look after him for around an hour or possibly slightly more. Obviously we are willing to help, anyone in an awkward spot, but we needed to be sure that the boys parents would be ok having their son left in a “Nude Household” when possibly other people could come in and take off their clothes?  Nell began to smile, then actually laugh, she said that the lads mother had only said herself a few days ago that she would love to have that confidence to be naked at home all day, she apparently really thinks that we have a lovely warm lifestyle & in a small way she is ‘jealous’ of what we have, the open & comfortable way of life that is so well accepted where you could well understand objections and critiques from all around.

So, we did have the young chap for around 50minutes and he totally enjoyed his visit. His only comment that we attributed to our nakedness was “Why do you wobble everywhere when you’re moving”?

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  1. It’s not the kids problem
    At my house were I live clothes for me are important but when granddaughter comes aged 8 my wife says put clothes on grandad
    But I think if you just act normal not point out I have to put clothes on it would not be a problem
    I keep testing the water with the family I know I am right she is brain washed in to think the naked body is naughty to see
    I am a naturist because I believe in less is more
    Naturist are better people because they show they care know secret no problems honest folk

  2. Children can be a lot of fun. I enjoy having our grandchildren over to our house. I love the question he asked. They ask questions out of curiosity and not malice. I would love to know the answer you gave him.

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