The Eyes Are a Window….

Friends came to stay last weekend, a lovely couple that we’ve known for about 20 years and daughter of theirs that has recently got divorced. Jack & Brenda were very soon undressed and settled down as we sat down to lunch, Colleen wasn’t ready yet to get naked, she had some confidence issues that were the result of a very angry & bitter marriage. She had put on quite a few extra pounds in the last 6 years and she just felt ‘down’. Through lunch we all chatted and caught up with many things that had happened through our many years, some about the time when four women at the club were all pregnant at the same time including Brenda. Colleen was the baby that came from that time, she was amazed to know that she was one of four youngsters that actually spent the majority of their early years naked, not only that, they just about spent a large part of their time ‘playing’ around the 26 acre site and doing ‘explorer’ games visiting other folk who lived at the grounds almost permanently.

As lunch ended, the laughter & stories carried on, we enjoyed bringing many memories back to life & sharing many tears of laughter. Colleen told us about a boy that she really liked through her teen years and always tried to be anywhere he was when we all enjoyed summer breaks. As the afternoon wore on we lounged on our patio catching some surprise rays of sun, then we noticed Colleen was looking through our photo albums  sat at the table alone. When she went indoors for a while alone, Brenda said that she had seen how Colleen was actually laughing so much more this afternoon than she had done for many months. Her ex-husband had been verbally cruel and mocking, he was a fitness fanatic and went for many hours at the Gym or at ‘Body building shows’ around the county. Colleen was always more reserved and didn’t like all that travel & the posing people who not only exercised beyond safe limits but also used various pills and drinks they had bought off the internet. Almost as a rebellion Colleen began overeating and not caring too much about extra pounds she was gaining. The divorce was painful for her but as she had to admit it was totally inevitable. Her ex-husband moved to another county and cruelly kept sending Colleen photo’s of himself at body building shows with an equally muscled woman by his side. When the divorce was final he actually sent her a wedding invitation with a large red X marked across it.

We sat drinking some wine by a roaring fire (still naked) as we saw Colleen re-join us, she had gotten undressed but kept her panties on, she went and sat on the couch and helped herself to a large glass of wine. After she had drank almost half of it in one gulp she said, “No more regrets or recriminations, no more recalling bad days & tears, the rest of life starts here! right here, right now, pass the chocolates I feel I need a reward.” I went forward to her, I leant forward and kissed her forehead, I told her “We accept everyone for the person they are, we don’t worry about looks & appearances, what you have in your heart & soul is what we see, it shines from your eyes”!

Three days later they all left, having really enjoyed being with us and meeting some of our friends & neighbours, they had to be reminded to put clothes on as they began to leave, the smiles & happiness of all 3 of them almost lit up the dusk laden streets. We’ll all meet up again in a few months time, we’ll travel to see them at their home in the countryside.

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  1. That’s a lovely story, and it sounds like it was a really good and needed experience for Colleen. I hope she’s able to keep the attitude she left with – it’s important not to let the bad parts of the past control one’s future!

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