Just getting into nudism

My wife and I are just getting into nudism. While I have been a closet nudist as long as I remember, I finally get her to agree to go to a nude beach in Jamaica last year. She was reluctant at first, thinking I would only want to go for one day. By the end of the day, she said she could never wear a swimsuit again. By the end of the 2nd day she said she would never be able to take a clothed vacation again.

This summer we went to a small nudist campground north of where we live. A very quiet place during the week. So quiet that we were actually the only ones there all day on Wednesday and Thursday morning until we left. An entire nudist campground and pool to ourselves. We had an amazing time.

We are hoping to go to Cypress Cove in Florida in January so we can spend an entire week without getting dressed. And hoping to be able to finally kayak naked.

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  1. Its a really nice feeling when you can show someone how enjoying experiences without clothes is so much better than before. All the many leisure things that you mention can only be done naked to get the best value from them it’s true, but don’t forget that where and when it is possible just ordinary day to day life, is also best done nude. I have spent a lifetime of nakedness in a wonderful family. As we get into our late years we are passing on the life of naturism to a new generation. So why not try ‘homestyle’ naturism for yourself and break new boundaries of good experiences !

    • I have been doing more around the home, I worked on drywalling and painting our breezeway naked, even working an entire Saturday without getting dressed. And anytime I have free time and don’t need to go outside I am usually naked. My wife enjoys it also and will join me when the weather is warm enough. But I don’t think my kids or their spouses would understand.

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