Our odd visitor . . . .?

My usual days ( & weeks) in the last 2 or 3 years have been spent mostly in our own home. Not that I’m complaining, We have a lovely apartment with a reasonable 2nd floor view across the west of our city. We have a caring sharing family & a great team of carers (care givers) to help us physically manage our mobility & other issues. We live basically naked and only occasionally put any form of clothing on when we are staying indoors. We do from time to time get visits from people we have known for years and they too are mainly naturists too. A young woman has been popping in at least once a week since last November as a sort of news messenger from a club we used to visit, also to reminisce about past holidays we have shared with her parents way back when she was in her early teen years. Although we have usually been naked when she has called by she never really made any attempt to undress or suggest that she might until she came last Friday. She took off her coat & shoes as always and she handed me a small photo album of holiday images from her last 10 years or so, I took it through to the lounge window area so I could see it more clearly. I did get engrossed in photo’s and memories, I half caught a glimpse of coffee being poured behind me, I turned to see if a coffee was being poured for me, to my amazement I saw our visitor was naked. She was chattering away as usual and laughed when I returned her collection of holiday memories. We sat and talked for about 45 minutes until she decided it was time for her to leave, what she did next totally stunned me. She gathered her clothes and neatly folded them into a bag, then she put on her thigh length coat and fastened the belt and two central buttons. She must have noticed that we both were stunned silent, she said nothing, unusually, and walked out to her car as she turned to get into her car she gave us a wave and a smile, she flicked the hem of her coat to show us her bare thigh, then calmly she drove away !
We normally would get a phone call from her approximately half an hour after she left us, this time we didn’t. So we are worried that she hasn’t phoned us, we are worried that she drove away almost naked, we are thinking we ought to contact her parents to enquire about if she got home ok, but if we do should we mention what she was (or was not ) wearing when she went from us? She could come on Friday of this week… then what ?

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  1. I understand your concerns for your visitor’s safety Patrick. Your first post mentions that she drove away from your place, the second post doesn’t say how she arrived or left, but it does mention ‘..walking around..’. I’m unclear as to whether she walks to and from your place in very little clothing, or if you mean she wears little when out and about in general. I think that most friends would be fine with you expressing your concerns to them, what are friends for if its not to care about each other among other things?

    We have friends who we take turns with to host nude social occasions with. Some friends travel in the very minimum of clothing, they see no reason to wear more than necessary to get from their naked home to another one where they’ll be nude. These friends are mostly +45 years of age and often couples, some are single, some are quite a bit younger, some are female. I don’t think anyone has ever questioned why others wear so little between ‘A’ and ‘B’, its understood that they’d rather be nude.

    It is nice that she now joins you both naked though.

  2. I can only wish I had friends nearby such as you and your wife, where I could be nude when visiting. As far as her wearing very little outside, it is a matter of situational awareness. Bluntly put, nearly all rapes are committed against fully clothed women relative to their activity and daily temps at the time. Whether you are lightly or heavily dressed, worried about an assault or simple pick-pocket/purse thief, you should always be aware of what’s going on around you. By the same token, your concern for her is a beautiful expression of affection, and a call sets your mind at ease, as much as benefits her; nothing wrong in checking up on family and friends to ensure safety. Life is full of risk, though. I think we should all enjoy wearing as little as necessary, wherever we go, as often as possible! 😉

    • She got home ok thanks, the mischievous little devil! In fact she came to see us today and she was only wearing a dress & some very attractive boots. When she decided to make us a coffee she simply slipped the dress off her shoulders, kicked off the boots and walked naked to the kitchen. We enjoy her visits but I think she is just being too risky when she walks around our streets wearing as little as possible. She is young & very attractive, her manner & her light hearted behaviour just might be misinterpreted by some less responsible youths.
      Oh well, we try to explain our thoughts to her, but I guess she just feels so confident and self assured, she fails to realise there are dangers to be aware of.

  3. What an intriguing way to share herself with you. I would make that call just to be sure she was ok. All the little out-of-character behaviors would add up to cause for concern for me. But that’s just me. Be well.

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