Promotion.. or not !

When it comes to making big decisions in life there can be some deep soul searching, sometimes the options are not always easy or straightforward. Our niece Lisa has been offered a promotion in her job, it will bring great prospects of moving higher in the company & also her salary will almost treble. The job will be tough and apart from taking clear & strong control of a workforce in large area in our county, she will need to travel all around England each week. Her heart is set on the prospects the job offers, but….  she will need to move home more than 100 miles away, she will obviously need her son to change school, her new husband can move to another office of his employers but it will be only part-time and a big cut in his salary. The probability is that they will also see a lot less of us!  I guess she has a major choice to make before the 30th of this month. It is a great opportunity for her family, but she is so torn & confused, her husband says he’s ok becoming a part-time worker & losing his prospects of advancement with his employers, but we sense he’s not really!  We had a chat with her boy and he’s worried about us, about his school, about all of his pals many he knows from our local naturist club & swim.

What will the outcome be?  Watch this space…  !

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