Stay With Me!

When I was first invited to stay for a few days at a friends house, I thought how it would be such a great boost to my first ever “away from home” experience. Going off to college in another town at 17years old was a major event, I had dreaded the thought of paying for accommodation in a ‘bed & breakfast’ place. When Gary said his place was available to me I didn’t initially think of any problems, I had known him all through school & he was one of my best ‘buddies’ ever. I rang him on Thursday just before the Saturday I was due to go over, I got a female voice answering which caught me off guard, I said who I was and asked for my pal, the reply was “Okay that’s fine, I’m Kerry and actually this is my house, I’m fine with Gary inviting you to stay and it’s great of you to phone ahead and check things, I’ll get Gary for you now.”  It took a little while for him to get to the phone and I guess a million thoughts went through my mind, eventually when he answered it was as if he had expected me to question him.  He began “Yes I know I should have told you about Kerry but I had planned to phone you!” I was getting a bit angry at his attitude, I kept calm though & asked “How can you invite me to stay at your place for a few days when it isn’t even your house at all?”  His laughing voice sounded forced, he said “That’s no problem, I knew it would be fine, I talked it over with her and she said her pal Kim was staying over for 5 days in our other spare room too.” This story was becoming more than it ought to be. I had other thoughts suddenly rush to my head. “What are you planning Gary, you know you said it would be okay for me to stay naked around your house, now I hear it isn’t actually your house & there’s a female friend of your partner also going to be staying over, just what is happening Gary?”

He assured me things would be okay, but I still felt uncertain about things, I wasn’t planning on any ‘matchmaking’ nor was I calm at that young age of living for a few days with two females I didn’t know and maybe having to stay clothed all the week too! I was just on the point of cancelling everything when he said, “Do you want to speak to Kerry again, she’s right here?” I was nervous but I agreed, she straight away said ” Hi, I do know what Gary is like, he invited you & then I invited Kim over, we’re all okay about things, if maybe you want to be naked in the evening when we’re all watching tv or having supper that’s fine, I sometimes only wear a bathrobe too, it’s so relaxing and Kim is pretty laid back and chilled, she’s going to be fine with having a naked man around!” . That phone call made me question things even more, I’ll let you know later, what actually happened all those years ago !

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