Beyond repair?

A naturist friend of ours told us the following tale.
Calling at the homes of customers to repair electrical appliances can be dull & tedious at times, but once in a while a really good day comes around & I see happy friendly people, the jobs go well & everyone is pleased at the outcomes. On one such happy day I began my afternoon calls to an address in an apartment block to fix an iron, a quick job I thought and possibly not the best paying one of the day. I rang the doorbell and almost instantly it was opened by a young lad in just shorts, he pointed through a doorway to what looked like a kitchen before he yelled very loudly “MOTHER… The man you rang for is here !”. I tried to adjust my hearing back to normal. The kitchen area was very untidy and two younger children around 5 years old played on the floor, one had a long pyjama jacket on, the other was naked! I paused, not wanting to move on until an adult was present. Within a couple of minutes a slender dark haired woman came in, she pointed at the iron on the unit, she spoke quietly, “It’s fucked!” I noticed she wore only a bathrobe hanging loosely opened and nothing else. I went over to the iron and guessed that apart from several dishes & cups unwashed in the sink, two unwashed kids on the floor & the general ‘mess’ of the place, this family wasn’t really working very well. I lifted the iron to see that the wiring into the iron were probably more ‘bare’ than the kids or there mother. It was obviously burnt out mainly due to neglect and bad usage. I told the woman that the iron wasn’t fit to repair and it would be wiser & cheaper to buy another. While I waited for an answer, or an insult, a man came into the kitchen totally naked apart from his socks! He had apparently heard what I had said. “Can’t you mend the fucking iron?” he grumbled, “Is it knackered?” he asked. I stepped over child & toys towards the door and made my way to the front door. I turned and repeated “It is beyond repair, it would be better & safer to get another one.” As I opened the door I added “I won’t charge anything, not even call out fee, just be safe please.” As I stepped out onto the corridor I felt a piece of wet cloth material hit my neck and the woman shouted “Cheeky bastard, we can afford a new iron, we don’t need your charity!” I waited a yard or two away from the open door, the young lad who had originally opened the door to me came out, now naked too, he held out some coins which I took off him and he ran indoors as the door banged closed. The coins totalled just under £2:50p.. so I smiled, kicked the wet cloth away and thought… there are some weird nudists around, ain’t there !


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