Who Cares for me, women or men?

I have mentioned on this site previously, I need daily assistance from carers (care givers?) and for several years now  I have been very fortunate to have kept the same 3 young women on rota, who are truly excellent in their work & a real treat to know for their personalities too. One of them is about to go on maternity leave and in a way I’m honoured that she chose to tell me before her employer.

When the senior manager came later to introduce a replacement, I had to reject the person simply because it was a man.  I realise it is controversial & some would say ‘wrong’? but I have always felt that I just cannot let another man do personal tasks for me, I need personal assistance showering and drying, I need creams applying and on some occasions I have bandages put on. I can’t specifically say I don’t want ‘homosexual’ carers because that comes into the realms of discrimination, although I believe that in “very personal care” the companies providing the staff do permit ‘preferences’ to guide who they send.

I don’t truthfully know why I prefer female carers (care givers), it’s just the way I have accepted health care all my life. It never crosses my mind to question the sexuality of my many female carers, is that ok?  I am so confused now, but I still don’t want males caring for me.

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  1. Why does the sex of your caregiver matter? Just because they are male, doesn’t mean they are gay. Even if they were, what would it matter? It’s a job.

    Having said that, you need to be comfortable with the person giving you care. For me, I personally don’t care what their sex is, I just want them to do a good job. Be it my Dr, chiropractor, or massage therapist.


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