Young & Old fun time.

We enjoy looking after children of our family and they enjoy staying with us for a few hours, or maybe until the next day. There has never been anything that we couldn’t cope with, we are well used to all kinds of temper tantrums along with the hours of laughter & fun playing games. Our little friends Joanne & Jenny stayed last Saturday night, they are 7 year old twins & have more energy between them than I can ever recall seeing before. Their parents are members of a naturist club not too far away and they wanted to go and enjoy an evening of dance & partying. Up to around 8pm we tried to keep up with their need for lots of movement & noise, lots of screeching and laughter. Mercy came our way when they became tired and climbed onto the settee to cuddle their gigantic toy panda. We sat back in our armchairs and let out a gasp of relief which was thankfully rewarded with the sound of two little girls snoring! We gently shook them awake and took them up to their room, we had to laugh after they had washed and walked naked back into the bedroom, Jenny jumped onto the bed saying ” Just like mummy can you tell us a story, please”… we both laughed at their challenge but we are better informed. I told them “Your mum has already told us ‘No Story’ for you two, just about 30 minutes with the light on so that you can chatter, then it’s sleep time!”

Joanne cuddled her sister and looked very sleepy, she always seems the ‘cheeky’ one of the two of them, she giggled as she said ” We need to sleep now, the older people need a rest too, they need it now!”  I must admit the later hours of the evening were a blessing, I fell to sleep in my armchair and needed rousing at 11pm to go to bed. Oh how we miss having so much energy & vitality, having young ones here made us truly aware of our advancing years.

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