Van Fun, Evening Sun.

When I had my 18th birthday (many years ago, very many!) I didn’t have any kind of party or even anyone telling me I was now an adult. In fact I think I got a few cards that had something about ‘key of the door’ and maybe ‘now you are a young man’ but they were the nearest reference to any change of outlook or status in society. I was one of those young lads who always looked much older than my years anyway, I was actually asked to pay full fare on a bus when I was 13 !
What does spring back into my mind about becoming 18 was that two days later on the Saturday I just felt that I needed to ‘get-away’ for a couple of days and have a break at the coast. I knew a friend who had a caravan that needed a clean out before the summer season started, so when I told my sister Lorraine that I was going to be away at Barry’s van she insisted on coming with me, “after all you’ll need a woman’s touch with that cleaning and tidying” she told me. Lorraine and I did spend lots of time together, we were 18 months apart in age but we were more like twins in reality. When mother heard of my plans she actually insisted that we both went together saying ” Just remember, it isn’t a naturist place so just be careful whenever you’re naked”. We laughed at the thoughts of other ‘Vanners’ there cleaning and suddenly seeing two teenagers naked in a caravan, their minds would create all kinds of stories and probably have Police there before anything ‘shameful’ had happened!
When we set to actually ‘dusting & polishing’ all of the laminated places and shelving units, we had stripped down to just shorts, Lorraine laughed about her young breasts getting an ‘airing’ and feeling the coastal breezes. There didn’t seem to be many people around, in fact it was maybe 800 yards to the nearest van receiving similar cleaning. At late afternoon we both decided to lay out on loungers and get the last few hours of sun. We had seen cars leave taking the nearest folk away and the place felt deserted. I took off my shorts & so did ‘sis’. For about an hour and 15 mins we just lay silently taking the evening air. Then I felt a slight chill and decided to make coffee, as I came back out of the van, still naked, I handed a coffee to Lorraine who was just putting her shorts back on. Then I saw her.. a quite large rotund woman, hands on hips & dressed as if ready for a torrential rain storm. We all stood motionless for maybe 15 seconds before the woman spoke, “I have been here all day, I’ve watched you all day…..” she moved in short but definite strides around both of us as if doing an inspection, for once I actually felt eyes staring at my buttocks! Then she said “… I have been so happy watching you, I just wished that I had such youth & openness, you have taken chances being undressed like that but good for you!” As she walked to the front of us she continued and strode slowly, purposefully towards a car parked down the track. We laughed, we sat eating sandwiches & drinking coffee, that was actually the best part of my 18th birthday time.

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