Top Covered.. but bottom free !

Jenny rang Lisa to ask if it was ok to pop across to see her, she had bought some new t-shirts and was really eager to show her friend. Lisa was always happy to see her neighbour from over the street, they have so much in common. Lisa did a quick tidy round and remembered to move her laundry basket away from the kitchen, she was about to put her machine on and clear a full basket, but that could wait.  Jenny came in with several bags of shopping and a big happy smile, she hugged Lisa (a sort of accepted greeting they had settled on!) and then she laughed, “I did think you would at least put some clothes on!” Lisa did a little dance back to the kitchen, “Well this is me natural & free.”

Jenny took out each of the six new tops she had bought and hung them on cupboard doors. Both women enjoyed looking in great detail at colours and designs on show. Lisa picked one and joyously asked Jenny to try it on, Jenny so casually took off the t-shirt she was already wearing to reveal she was bare breasted, Lisa yelled “Oh my word young lady! Now you’re actually not wearing your bra anymore, how wonderful you’re enjoying the freedoms.!” Jenny laughed as she slipped on a new shirt she replied, “I love the new feeling and Barry absolutely enjoys seeing my boobs so much more, but I just couldn’t be naked all day like you do, isn’t it ever inconvenient?”. Lisa told her friend that as part of a naturist family she had never really lived any other way, but sometimes it caused problems when you rush to answer the door and have to stop to put something on first. Jenny looked puzzled and asked “If you are used to being without clothes surely you keep something near the door you can just slip into?”

Lisa enjoyed the puzzled look from her friend, she answered, “Usually I slip into my dressing gown, but last Tuesday I saw the postman was about to bring me a small parcel, I picked up what I thought was my dressing gown, I answered the door and wondered why postie looked so stunned, then I felt a draft and realised I had put on my new shorty  jacket on instead!” Jenny laughed so loud and rocked herself nearly over. Lisa said “Yes the lucky guy got a full view from my waist down, I think his mouth was still opened when I closed the door, I took off the jacket and waved at him through the frosty glass of the door window.”  Jenny tried to control herself but seemed to be having problems. She took off the new t-shirt and did a shake of her breasts, “Did you do this too!” she howled with tears rolling down her face.

These two friends always seem to share laughter, so much so that they just enjoy any time the get to share. When husbands & families return they both go back to sensible ‘parent mode’ for a time. When Lisa comes to our home she goes into her ‘silly  mode’ and we’re lucky enough to share her happy nature.

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