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  1. I have had two of my pictures reported as unsuitable (a while ago now) yet neither of them were – one was a picture of the moon! At the time, it was blamed on some prankster randomly clicking ‘report’ on pictures and my pictures were restored. At worst any of us might fall foul of some self-appointed prudish censor on a crusade, I guess, but I have yet to see any evidence of that happening here and hopefully it wouldn’t last long, as I would hope they would get thrown off the site after being reported for their misbehaviour.

    For some reason I cannot reply to individual comments above, yet I can make this comment! (?) So I will just add to @cornet1961 (Al Anbro) that I would find a private message appearing ‘out of the blue’ more unnerving than a friend request. Most friend requests that I have received have appeared ‘out of the blue’ and my reaction is normally to either recall a recent public interaction with that person or go looking for where it might have happened recently and, of course, check their profile, then decide whether or not to accept the request. Private messages can then follow if needed for any reason.

    • Brian whilst I appreciate your point of view it has been mentioned/commented several times on posts by site members that unsolicited friend requests especially if from someone with an incomplete profile are generally either frowned upon or even unwelcome. I believe that sending a brief introduction about oneself and why one would like to friend somebody is much more personal and provides the recipient of the request with a basis on which to determine an acceptance or otherwise of that request. Each one of us on this site I’m sure has their personal preference and as there seems to be no single site rule as to the acceptable etiquette I guess we have to carry on with those preferences. As always, cheers from Barcelona, rainy for a change ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I agree Al, I wish everyone on Naktiv would fill in some details about themselves on their profile – and allow it to be seen by at least all logged-in members! Then whichever form of targeted communication was chosen as the first personal contact it would make life easier. It seems to me that most of the objections to unsolicited friend requests are when the requester’s profile is empty or hidden and quite rightly so (the objection that is).

        I guess what I am saying is that your profile should be that brief introduction about oneself – useful even if you are only commenting on others posts or indeed want to attract friend requests from others…

        Cheers from England, rainy as usual ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Brenda, both your handle @brendarella and name come up as invalid when I tried messaging you. En breve I was messaging that the posts/photos I’ve seen from you have been pretty cool and interesting plus that Naktiv is a great site where genuine naturists are free to express themselves, including posting photos, without the type of nonsensical restrictions imposed by FB, Twitter, etc, so why anyone would take umbrage with your photo(s) is strange indeed. If you’d be happy to accept a friend invitation or to make one let me know ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers from a very sunny and hot 30ยบC day in Spain.

  3. If your photo was reported, Brenda, and you don’t think it should have been, then you don’t necessarily need to remove it. The moderation system says anyone can report anything for any reason they like, it’s not a statement of site policy. The report will be investigated and action taken (remove), or not (restore), accordingly. If you’re concerned about any of this you might like to raise it as an issue in the support group?

      • People can only *private* message you if they are friends. Else -> error (the author of the code has been notified of the misleading error message/s). In the meantime please โ€œfriendโ€ one another OR use the public message facility.

        • Thanks for the info but there’s an inconsistency here. Prior to sending a friend request I normally send a private message introducing myself so that a member of this site doesn’t get a request ‘out of the blue’ as it were, and the message that was blocked by the system was the first time a private message could not be sent!
          More than once members have commented on posts about receiving friend requests (in addition, naturally, to the sender of the request having a profile that has information about said person) that they prefer some other form of contact first such as a private message by way of an introduction ))
          Cheers from sunny Barcelona ))

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