Hiking trip along the river bed of the Ribera Salada

I was fortunate recently to be able to join a naked hike organized by Segimon of the Associació Club Català de Naturisme.

We met at the nearby town of Solona before heading to the hike starting point at the Pont de Clop, a bridge across the Ribera Salada river. The thirty or more people in the well mixed group left our cars at the ample car park and set off along one side of the steeply gorged river through the spiky woods. One thing I’ve noticed about the dry climate in Spain is the preponderance of sharp vegetation all around, and this makes it somewhat “interesting” to go off-route. Staying on well-used paths is advised unless you’re wearing suitable protection! After a while of toiling pleasantly through the morning heat, several of us began to strip off and relax on the hike towards where we could join the river itself. Polly was of course fetching and chasing sticks and keeping people  otherwise entertained.

We reached the river, which was a relief from the sharp undergrowth, and took a refreshing dip. Shortly afterwards we reached a junction of two rivers which made our high point. Here we stopped to explore the steep canyon of one arm which was sending out a steady flow of seriously colder and deeper water to join the main stream. The temperature of the water began to hurt our legs as we waded through it. Turning back down the river, we waded and splashed over the rocks and through the refreshing stream, passing several small groups of textile hikers, until we reached a well shaded spot where we could take a lunch break. The shade was welcome and I was also able to hold on to Polly as she was beginning to shake from exhaustion.

Continuing down the river, we came to an area where the river had cut deeply through the steeply sided rocks all around, creating huge columns of towering stone, the river still winding it’s way around the monoliths, wearing them down over eons. It was a bit tricky for our hike leader Lluís to find the correct exit as it was hidden behind still more spiky bushes. Following the trail now steeply up through the forest again, we emerged above the rocks with stupendous views straight down to the river canyon below. At one point Polly disappeared and when I called her, she emerged from a steep scrabbly ravine which was far too close to the steep cliffs below us. Relieved to see her ok the path wound on safely over the heights and steadily back to the car park. I was a bit surprised that we hiked naked all the way to the car park, as there was a large scattered collection of folk bathing at the bridge. Everyone was fine of course, and this just meant more people can discuss nudity in their daily life, so this was all positive.

More details about future tours can be seen in the NuCat facebook group.

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