To change, or not to change?

Those of you who have read my blogs in the past years on here, will know that I have lived my entire 67 years as a naturist. I am blessed with a naturist family although we never had our own children. (not for the want of trying!). We have a loving family, amazing friends & a support team which includes carers (care givers) and our National Health Service doctors & nursing staff. I occasionally write here to relate some of the stories of my life, maybe going back to my childhood days that I shared with my late sister & just amazing parents.  As a family who were raised as naturists, although that word wasn’t actually known to us, we shared a kind of love & mutual respect that I think is rare in most family’s now. Here is a brief story of just one time in my childhood.

When I had to move up into senior school I wasn’t too worried about the school, but I was leaving my sister behind in a juniors school, we just hadn’t been apart from each other since the day she was born. I moved into the new school with a few friends from earlier days and we all felt fairly contented although the actual school buildings seemed maze like and so big! We took the first week just finding our way about the place. One day soon after the big move we had a P.E. afternoon (Physical Education) where boys and girls were segregated by changing rooms that were at opposite ends of a long narrow building and sports fields that had mesh fencing to separate us from each other. As we changed from uniforms into white gym kit we were directly told by the teacher to ” .. be discreet and change underwear too, making that change ‘privately’?..”  Of course my friends knew that wasn’t likely with me, so as soon as I had got naked I was pushed out into the general changing rooms area. I saw the teacher standing with his female colleague a few yards away so calmly I walked over to them and said quietly, “I think I have been locked out accidently, I don’t mind too much but my clothes are in there and I will need them eventually to go home, is that ok?”  To say ‘Hell let loose’ is understating things, the female teacher yelled out in shock and covered her eyes!! the male teacher yelled “Go back over to the changing area now!” he spun me round and marched me back there, only to find 20 other young teenagers standing in a row all naked !

More will follow, another time maybe… if requested.

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