Surprise Meeting

Lisa took her family to look at a naturist club about 8 miles from there home. Her son now in his teens wasn’t really interested, he was just along for the ride. Her husband Pete has grown into naturism since he met Lisa & her son, he seemed keen to try a new place. After being let in and shown to a suitable parking space, all three were soon naked & putting their stuff back into the car. Lisa and Pete walked towards the clubhouse with a ‘fed-up’ teen lagging behind, then they were stopped in their tracks!  Just a couple of yards ahead Lisa saw her ex & his female partner ! ! (Her son’s dad!). For more than ten years that they were married he just refused any idea of naturism at all. Now here he is…. !

Everything seemed to pause for around 30 seconds. The lad suddenly saw his dad and ran to him amazed… “Oh WOW!!!  Dad this is amazing… so totally out of the blue!”

Lisa & Pete stood smiling & holding hands, Lisa said she completely felt a cold shiver running through her, for years she had taken verbal abuse & some fairly nasty accusations, now it all just seemed unreal & somehow completely staged.  She nudged Pete and told him “Just say ‘Hi’ and I’ll speak to my son away from his dad if I can.”  They all walked forward and Lisa did a swerve past Mark and took the arm of her boy saying “You can spend a while with your dad, but I want you at the clubhouse on your own in around 15 minutes, ok?” her son agreed with a look that told her he accepted completely things were tough for his mum.

Pete & Lisa walked on to the lawns by the clubhouse, Pete said ” He was a bit stern, but his partner Lynn was talkative enough” Lisa wanted to hear what had been said but was partly dreading what her son would have to say on his return.  Pete & Lisa met up with the club secretary and went with her to the poolside, they chatted about the club and it’s mixed family range of membership, it was easy to see there was a good range of ages here and surprisingly a  number of teenagers all enjoying the pool and the lawns. The clubhouse was also very busy serving food aswell as drinks, although it wasn’t allowed to bring bar sales out to the pool area. Many people spoke as they passed by “Hi folks” was the usual friendly greeting.  In what seemed like an instant their little family group were back together, her son was back at her side. He wasn’t too fazed by anything, considering he hadn’t seen his dad for more than two years. He simply said, “Dad & Lynn are living quite near here now, he’s having a big party in a month for his birthday, can I go mum please?” his eyes grew big in anticipation. Pete answered for Lisa he saw she was struggling to answer her son, “We can talk details when we get back home, no answers here because we always discuss big stuff don’t we?”  The lad looked unsure, he looked at his mum, Lisa was so worried what this was all leading to, she certainly didn’t want any of her last years with Mark repeated, his temper was weird. She answered her son, “We have a lot to say to each other don’t we, you know we can only talk properly at home, we need to be so certain whatever we do.”

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  1. Went to a naturist monthly swim one time.had been going there for a couple of months.i was in the pool and decided to go to to steam room for a while.went in and sat down and sitting beside me was a person i had known for many years.i hadnt seen him for many wasnt awkward.we just started chatting and catching up on what was happening in our lives.must have chatted for would have been like any conversation you would have in a textile leisure steam room only differance being we werent wearing a swimming just goes to show that you never know likes the lifestyle.

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