To Be Or Not To Be ?

Our niece Lisa has decided that her new house will be a naturist house. She lived with us from being 4 years old and so she has only known daily life without clothes, she hated getting dressed to go anywhere outside of our house. Now she is married and has a teenaged son, her husband is new to naturism and has accepted the life 100%. Lisa has experienced all of our ‘problems’ dealing with people who come into our home and our lifestyle. She agrees that it does take a lot of ‘bravery’ or ‘commitment’ to staying naked at home when other people may visit. (Perhaps she worries about times being alone at home, but she is strong and sensible.) She had her son with her (both were nude) on Christmas Eve when a parcel delivery woman came to the door, Lisa put on a hip length wrap and opened the door, the delivery woman looked slightly stunned but asked if she could place the parcel indoors on a hallway table, as she did so she noticed the naked lad stood inside the lounge, then as Lisa signed for the parcel her nudity was obvious too. The deliverer smiled as she stepped from the house and said “The wrap is a good idea, if you choose nudity at home” . That made Lisa feel better but then she recalled how many times we have answered the door totally naked, for a while her thoughts were mixed, then she resolved that as an often ‘lone female at home’ it was better to put something on when answering the door. She has however also decided with her husband & son that whenever they choose to be naked at home that is fine, even when other people come. As we all agree naked is natural, other people may have a problem with it, but maybe we can help them with THEIR problem !

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  1. Since I live with my brother-in-law at his condo, I have to modify my nude-at-home behavior from what it was when I owned my own home. I now answer the door in a bathrobe which hangs near the door.

    The wrap is a good choice for a home-alone female. Come to think of it, probably a good choice for a home-alone-anybody. Too bad it has to be that way

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