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About me

I have been involved in radical libertarian politics, in one form or another since the 1960’s, first the anti-apartheid movement and later the ‘alternative press’ in the form of a monthly libertarian paper called ‘Brighton Voice’.In the late 1980’s, I went to Sussex University as a mature student and read Social Psychology with Politics. I made an in-depth study of the growth of ideology in the green movement. Studying humanistic psychology and communication processes, I was especially fascinated with how ideas are formulated and transmitted through a culture. Whilst I was at university I earned a living doing a wide variety of work on a self-employed basis. I worked as a dispensing optician as it paid well, and at the same time did general building and maintenance.I am now retired and married to Frances, and live in Emsworth I am 69 years old and pretty fit, recovering well from recent operations. I respond well to regular exercise, especially swimming and cycling, and can still do pretty substantial amounts of physical work.I have one daughter, by my first marriage, who lives in Brighton. I have a sister and brother who share a rural property near Holsworthy in Devon.I am a member of the Green Party although I have not had time to be active of late.I have been a rather socially shy naturist since a camping holiday near St Tropez in 1975. Shy in that I did not reveal this at work and have remained 'in the closet' so to speak. I have never been a member of a naturist club. Neither Frances nor my first wife are into naturism at all although Frances does tolerate me gardening nude she would never strip off herself. She is body shy and a bit worried about 'what the neighbours might think. Apart from beaches I have swum naked at a clothing optional pool at the Cortijo Romereo holiday centre in Orgiva, Spain. In the last few years. I visit the Eastney beach sometimes but as I don't know any of the regulars there it has been a bit of a 'Johnny no mates' experience. Hopefully this will change when I get to know more people. The two naked bike rides I have been on were very liberating and hopefully 'The Nook' will open the doors to more social naturism.Apart from a small bald patch on top and a shaved face I still have all my hair

Who I'd like to meet

Other naturists male or female in my area for friendship. I'm not looking for a 'relationship'.



I don't watch many these days and find classics have the greatest appeal. hollywood blockbusters leave me cold. Over the years I have enjoyed Monty Python's life of Brian. the atmospheric 'Bagdad Cafe' and 'Lord of the Rings' to name but a few.


jazz, soul, blues, some other rock and a few classics. My individual favourite artist is Miles Davis.

Clubs, organizations or federations

green Party, permaculture Association.


Horticulture, green politics. local and nutritional food. Social justice and civil liberties in times of dramatic and possibly catastrophic change. I used to like laying in the sun but would now prefer a more active time – as well as being naked. I consider a compassionate but rational approach to be essential.I have no time for the manipulations, hypocracy and superstitions of organised religion but I do not reject all spirituality outright. I believe in 'the life force' – sort of.I am currently struggling with a naturist 'future fiction' novel – sci-fi without much science. I'm finding creating a credible future world which is internally consistent pretty hard, but then I always like a challenge. The main focus is The Republic of Var. in that country most people go nude and it is socially required in any official function.

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