10 good reasons to hike naked

Hiking is a great way to stay fit and enjoy nature. Whether you hike in the countryside, in the mountains or on the seaside, you come to appreciate the sceneries you cross at a slow pace. If you find a great place, you can stop and enjoy the view. But for us nudists, hiking naked adds the lack of clothes and the wellness that is attached to nudity to a great activity. Naked hiking has become such an important activity for nudists and hikers, Richard Foley has published a book about it, Naked Hiking, that I encourage each of you to get a copy of.
Now, here are the 10 reasons why I am hiking naked whenever I can and encourage you to do so.

1. Because clothes suck
I am a nudist and in my birthday suit every time I can and this means as much as I can if environment and weather permit. Since I am a nudist, hiking naked is as natural as taking a shower naked. You do not get dressed to take a shower, so why getting dressed to hike?

2. Because it’s comfortable
I am comfortable when I am nude, like all my fellow nudists. And I am doing all sorts of activities in the nude, from writing this blog post to hiking, from going to the beach to cooking, from jogging to playing with the kids. So yes, hiking naked is comfortable.

3. Because you can feel the sun and the wind on your body
I would say this is probably the number one reason. Feeling the air on your whole body is just great. You feel free and you are actually free. Free as any animal who does not get dressed to live.

4. Because my dog do not care if I am dressed or not
Ah, ah, ah! She exactly knows when I am going to hike or jog, because she sees me putting my hiking or jogging shoes. The shoes are the signal we are on our way to going into the nature. Whether I am nude or not, she does not care and I do not care either. Well actually I do care, I prefer being naked.

5. Because I can sweat and have no clothes to wash
On a hot summer day, I am sweating. Sometimes a lot. When I am naked, I do not get soaked with sweat, it just goes down on my body, drips and evaporates. A very pleasant feeling too. Therefore, no clothes that smell sweat to wash, avoiding to pollute the environment with detergent.

6. Because I can hike with cool people
I have yet to meet not cool naked hikers. It seems nudists are generally friendlier than clothed people. They tend not to judge people. Hey, we do not hide anything, so being all born equal, we just live this naked truth.

7. Because I do not need to undress if I come to find a place to take a swim
This is another great reason to hike naked, even with clothed hikers. If you arrive to a lake, a pond, a river, no questions, you can go. Whereas your non-nudist friends should have carried their bathing suit and will have to carry it wet.

8. Because it’s great way to convert non nudist to our lifestyle
Whether you hike naked with open-minded non-nudists or you meet open-minded non-nudists, you can start a conversation on why you enjoy hiking naked. It’s a great way to have more people joining as they see how well you are.

9. Because our body is beautiful
Honestly, I prefer people naked than people clothed trying to hide their body or to show off with their expensive clothing. A naked man or a naked woman are just beautiful, whether old or young, heavy or skinny, black or white, we are all just beautiful. On top of this, I find that nudists tend to smile more.

10. Because I am who I am when I am nude
Nothing to hide. I am who I am naked. I am a nudist. I understand nudity will shock a lot of people who sexualize the body, and I respect their point of view. They should respect mine to be naked because I feel good naked.
Enjoy hiking, stay naked!

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  1. I'm an avid hiker/backpacker, and general back-country enthusiast. I don't typically hike long stretches naked, but I do look forward to all the abundant opportunities for getting out of my clothes while enjoying the wilderness. Nothing feels better than working hard on a tough hike, to arrive at a high, Alpine lake for some skinny dipping and nude sunbathing on a warm, granite slab. When backpacking, if it is warm enough I've always made a habit of not bothering to dress while camped by such lakes, and never gotten anything but the most positive of responses from fellow backpackers–more often than not they are either perfectly fine with it or in fact opt to join in the fun.

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