Dinner party

For the last couple days I have been helping, along with the rest of the family, to get the house ready for a bunch of friends to come over and have dinner. Had to clean up the house, make foods, clean the house, and basically set up the seating.

I know I said cleaning the house twice, but have you ever noticed that when you have a group of people coming over, you clean up and then the head of the household(my mom) doesn't think it is enough. Must have as much perfection as possible. Not really my forte but okay. So yesterday we had the dinner, a bit of cleaning was done, then the cooking of the foods. That is my strong point, seeing as I am a chef/cook. My mom started doing some of it but I ended up doing the majority of the cooking and presentation. It is fun and I enjoy it. Only thing is, I am not a super social person, I don't mind being in a group for a bit of time but after a while it is draining.

I have never been good at conversations in a group, and I prefer more intimate settings. a couple people instead of a group of 10. But it went off well, everyone loved the food, though we made way way way too much. going to be eating leftovers for a week. Now today I just want to take a nap and, well, act like it is Sunday. I think that maybe I should become a personal chef or something. I like making food for people and presenting it nicely. I mean working in a restaurant is nice and all, however I like to treat a group of people special, have a connection instead of the impersonal one a cook has with his tables in the restaurant.

Did the people like the food? Love to find out but when it gets busy you don't get the chance to go out and ask. Feels like I am intruding sometimes, or that I am a bother, though people tend to love a chef coming out and making sure that the food was good. So anyone want to hire me 🙂 lol

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