Online Nudists Male vs Female

It’s a question I have often pondered. Is it harder to be a nudist creating an online identity as a male, or as a female?

As a male…first off, I do have to have a pen name to protect my identity. Second…I just become another penis in an ocean of penises. It would seem that there are more males willing to come out as a nudist than females. Lastly, even though I am happily married with a wife who enjoys being nude as much as me…it’s hard to make other female friends without sounding like I am coming on to them. Or in the very least remove the image that I am coming on to them.

The only aspect I see as a male guessing as being a problem of females is all the damn men trying to hit on them or making degrading sexual remarks on any images they post of themselves.

But I love some feedback. Is it harder (no pun intended) to be a male nudist or a female nudist?

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  1. Being a nudist online is not a big deal. You can protect your identity and decide how much you can show or hide, meet like-minded people no matter where you live, block the ones you don't like…
    As a man, I've never had any problem defining myself as a nudist in social networks. Not even from those that mistake nudism for porn.
    But I have sometimes found really gross comments directed to some of my female friends. Just for saying she is a nudist and like to be naked! I can't imagine the answer if she has posted a naked picture!
    In the real world… everything is always more difficult for women

  2. Until Mr. Spencer Tunick made his art in Israel about 3 years ago, I was a nudist that thought had no way to express myself. The Tunick photo installation at the Dead Sea became a tool that legitimized social nudity in Israel – myself included. Since then I have tried my best to make up for lost time, going to an as yet unofficial textile optional beach and becoming an active member of the Israel naturist society.
    I see no reason to hide my identity – for I am myself, I have always been myself and I will never be anybody else. Society could seem outwardly conservative – but in real life it is live and let live.

  3. I haven't been on this site long enough to comment but I have posted over 2000 photos on flickr, several hundred of my naked self using a pen name. There are many women with professional skills (and businesses) who also post nudes of themselves.
    Flickr does not censor language and some of the men are very crude. In today's crazy world we all need to take care how much we reveal about where we live and who we are.
    Many gay men follow my photos and I am straight. We all need to exercise limits and some men I have blocked for their language. I still believe in my parents' plain manners.

  4. Thanks for the thoughts Tonia and I know of the other "social networking" sites that you are referring to. I would agree that the programming team and the moderators of this site are doing and have been doing a really great job at keeping things on this page neat and tidy.

  5. I think everyone has the same issue regarding making their intentions clear. I wonder sometimes at clicking like on too many pics from one person (male or female) in case it seems I am making some sort of virtual pass at them or I will want to post a comment on some aspect of a picture but worry how my comment could be perceived. I think self-editing is a natural aspect on any social network.
    The one area I think it is harder for women is making actual (real life) friends. I have developed a nice group of online buddies but it would be good to find other female friends to hang out with in the real world – mostly female nudists are part of a couple and as such you end up feeling like the third wheel, no matter how friendly or welcoming they both may be.
    I have to admit, generally I feel that married/attached men are 'safer' in terms of creating a friendship – not in any way making an "all single men…." assumption, but I am more cautious about how I respond to them.
    On this site, I wouldn't say that either gender particularly has it easier or harder really.
    Yes, there is more attention given to females and pictures of women have more comments on the model whilst pics of men have comments on the scenery etc but that's just a natural thing. Generally a woman will be able to compliment another on her body, but men don't – so given there are more men than women, there are going to be fewer "nice bod" comments on male pics. Also, the ethos of the site has a lot to do with it – I have previously mentioned elsewhere my experience of other sites so won't go into it again, but it is clear from the outset that hounding female members or posting degrading comments on pics won't wash here and as such it just doesn't happen.

    Online in general it's a different matter – but that's why this is the only naturist site I use! 🙂

    • That is an interesting assessment Tonia, and succinct too. I like to 'like' photos of both mad and women and to make a short positive comment on each, certainly not obtuse (especially to the women), because I appreciate folks going 'out there' to post. I hope that my approval encourages and pleases them. I think it is important for us naked people to celebrate our nakedness. it bring a sense of normalcy to the enterprise. Interaction amongst all of us here is paramount. It would be pretty dull ie as on Tumblr if all you got was pix and no substance.

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