What is it about being naked?

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Come on, it continues to blow my mind, what is it really about being naked and nudism? We all have a body. All women are made the same way, all men too. Of course, some are fatter, thiner, bigger, smaller, darker, lighter, etc. However, we are all coming from the same mold (we share all a lot of the same DNA).

Therefore, the body you are looking in the mirror when you are naked is not very different from another body you could look at when naked. So what the fuss around naked bodies? Well, it’s just the way society wants us to rethink our relationship with our body: money and shame! You need to be ashamed so you can spend money, on clothing, on religion, on stupid useless stuff.

Of course, you need to get protection when it’s cold or dangerous. But in all other case, when the weather is warm, when you cannot be hurt, why wearing clothes? Because you were told so, I presume. Because you were told nudity is shameful. But no, nudity should be shameless, nudity does not equal sex.

In mathematics, equality is symmetric. Therefore if nudity equals sex, then sex equals nudity. However, you do not need to be naked to have sex. Actually, sexually attraction works generally better with lingerie or revealing clothing. Sex does not equal nudity, therefore nudity does not equal sex.

So if nudity does not equal sex, then what is it all about being naked? Actually, it should be nothing. Nudity is our natural state and should be accepted widely as soon as the temperature allows it. Nudity, once accepted in our daily life, feels really great and comfortable.

Every nudist will tell you that they love to be naked because they feel so good, without any hindrance from clothing or social convention. Nudism is a form of freedom. Social nudity places the human being at the middle. You are not judged by what you wear but by who you are. This is why so many people find relaxing to go to a nudist resort and why so many people find nudists so friendly. Nudism is pure freedom and happiness. So there’s nothing really to talk about nudism. Just get rid of your clothes and live naked! So what is it about being naked? Nothing, just be it!

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  1. I was on a nude beach in France many years ago and two young ladies were playing beach tennis in the shallows both had a nice golden suntan one was naked but her friend was wearing a very small bright green thong, I am a people watcher and every one walking along the beach ignored the nude but had a sly peep at the girl in the thong, so clothing can increase sexual attraction as Marc says

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