10 reasons why I am a nudist

As we progress through life we meet other nudists and of course non nudists. I do not know for you, but I have been sharing openly with more and more people that I am a nudist and I am spending a lot of time nude. I am intentional about this because I want people to feel fine and let them know that if they come home without warning or if they are invited to spend a Sunday at home, I may be naked.
The first question I generally get is why I am a nudist. Here are the best reasons I found over the years to answer to this question.

1. Because it feels good
This is to me the number one reason. If I had to choose one, this would be this one and no others. No clothes, no constraints. You can move around completely free of clothes. Your skin breathes. You feel the air, the sun on your skin and nothing comes close to this feeling.

2. Because I find tan lines graceless
When you tan without any suit, your all body gets tanned evenly and when naked on pictures or with my significant other, I find it better to offer the best body I can. No tan lines makes beautiful bodies.

3. Because it’s healthy
Swimsuits are not only uncomfortable, they trap sand and germs. Being naked in the sun has tons of virtues proven by doctors and medical research. Of course, you need to pay attention not to stay in the sun too much or you may get sunburned, but other than that nothing compares with swimming in the nude or just sweating nude when jogging or working out. Much healthier than keeping the sweat and germs in clothes.

4. Because it’s ecological
By being nude, I buy and wash less clothes. Therefore I use less washing powder. Not taking into account that I because I wash less, my chores are less too!

5. Because it builds confidence
Being naked builds your confidence. The confidence in your body and the confidence in yourself. It takes confidence to undress completely and know that people will see you without the shield of your clothes.

6. Because it’s friendlier
Go to any nudist resort and you’ll make more friends in a day you could in a year in your clothed environment. I do not know if it’s because there’s no barrier, but it’s an experience I’ve lived dozens of times. Nudist smile more!

7. Because most activities do not require clothes
Why wearing clothes when it’s hot and you can do things nude? Walking, running, swimming, waterskiing, playing volley ball, tennis, or cards, or pool, cooking, dining, having a drink, kayaking, sailing do not require clothes in most situation. So honestly why wearing clothes when you can be nude?

8. Because we are all human beings and there’s no need to hide behind clothes
We are all the same, aren’t we? If you’re wearing an Armani suit and you discuss with a jean and T-shirt guy, you’re establishing in most cases a difference. When naked, sure some are fat, some are thin, some are muscular, some have scars, etc. it brings back our humanity and you can look people in their eyes and their heart.

9. Because I can travel light
As I try as much as I can to take naked holidays, I can travel light with just a small carry-on suitcase. No waiting for luggage at the airport, no need to rent a big car to get a big boot, and no need to wash clothes on holiday!

10. Because it shows who you really are
When nude, you cannot pretend to be cool by wearing the latest trendy swimsuit from Victoria’s Secret or American Apparel. You cannot show your wealth by wearing the latest Armani suit. You cannot brag how often you go to the gym and athletic you are. You cannot pretend being someone else. You are just you and it boils down to honesty and truth, and leads me to my bonus reason.

11. Because it’s who I am
And the bonus one. I am a nudist, not an exhibitionist. I do not care you see all my body parts and I am not going to “show” any of those to you, I will just be naked because I am a nudist and I feel good when I am naked. You can stay clothed, or you can throw your clothes away and feel the exhilaration of being yourself!
Nude one day, nude all day!

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  1. What you have written is so very true, particularly for those of us who live in the tropics. I can understand the need for clothes in winter but in the tropics, there is NEVER a moment when you need clothes. Clothes will soak up the perspiration and that is very unhygienic -it's like breeding germs.

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