Looking forward to a complete naked week-end

Professional activities have once again brought me to South Africa. Going southward in December is going "back" to summer and opening possibilities of some naked activities. This will be the case of the coming week-end I will spend at Suneden, a naturist resort north of Johannesburg.

In the middle of the South African bush, Suneden is well named, a corner of naked paradise in Africa. This week-end has been in my mind for many weeks now and the closer I get to it, the more excited I am. Just the idea of dropping the clothes for a full week-end, having long walks in nature and a couple of beers with old naturist friends make me happy.

I know I will stop the car at one point on the road and get naked well before getting to Suneden, extending my naked time, and just the idea makes me smile. I know I will only meet nice people, all sharing the same freedom of leaving all clothes behind. I know this will just be a great time, chilling and relaxing.

Naked time is always the best possible time. I have not one bad memory while being naked. May be because my brain cut them off, however, even if I try to think hard, I cannot remember any. Surely because nudity makes me more relaxed and calmer, more human! Over the years, nudity is more and more imposing itself to my life, it has become my new normal, the way I live in harmony with others, nature and me.

I still have a mere 10 years before my last kid is out of the house and flying autonomously, this will be the time, I plan, I will drop clothes for good, change life for the third (or fourth? :-)) time and will settle in a fully naturist environment. In the meantime, any naked time is precious and I really look forward to this week-end!

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