Shower Lazy Times

Lazing around after having had a shower is probably the best part of being naked at home, specially in a naturist household. From a very early age my sister & I were allowed to run around naked after bathtime, even up to our mid-teen years we never rushed to get any kind of clothing on after shower or baths. My sisters first boyfriend wondered what was happening when I came down into the room naked after my shower and no one even seemed to notice. He was even more stunned when she asked if he wanted to go and chat with her whilst she washed her hair. He said meekly "I'll wait till you put something around yourself, if you are getting your things off!" She laughed out loud and said, "They're only breasts, they don't bite and if you touch without permission you'll get a slap!"
Now some great many years later it's still a great feeling, all nice & freshly cleaned, smelling nice & actually feeling good to just lounge around. My family still disregard me naked, even though the actual persons have changed. My sister is sadly no longer with us, a tragic accident took her in 1996. Her beautiful daughter Lisa is now approaching the same glorious looks that her mum had. She often stays here with us, last night she came through after her shower naked, her son carried on with his computer games, my wife went to wash her hair & I… .. well I just sat around naked too and recalled the amazing 'replay' of a scene that has occurred so many times in my home.
Lazy lounging around after shower/bathtime. Isn't it odd how life keeps repeating. I said isn't it odd how life keeps repeating… I said isn't…..

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  1. I remember when I was a kid, in the old days we didn’t had real bathroom I had to bath in a small metal tub in front of the fireplace in the living room. After my bathing time was over I was allowed to stay up for a while and play in the nude before putting my pajama on and be put to bed. I was not raised in a naturist family but me and my youngest sister always had something with nudity, we both like it very much.

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