The creature grew

Tattoos are difficult to assess for me. I always maintained that I don't like huge, ornate, elaborate tattoo's and much preferred the smaller, delicate, quietly placed versions. My late nephew had a huge tattoo. It began in his lower back area and spread larger as it came up towards his shoulders. The elaborate and skilful drawing was being transposed so cleverly that it made me gasp in wonderment. What had started with what I saw as an eagles claw had evolved into a mythical creature of many parts. Like an engorged lizard like being it soon had wings of a malformed bat! Serpents forked tongues spat fire from each ribbed finger of the wings. The torso curved upwards and over his left shoulder, and en route it began to colonise his upper left arm. A sinuous and grotesque neck reached almost to his left chest, there the most hideously horrendous contorted fire & bile erupting head engulfed his entire chest!
Some weird and yet splendid creation of some ones nightmares had been skilfully depicted on his very human and toned upper body. The long and arduous task of colouring in this tormented twisted creation had began, parts of the rear end, parts of one wing and the armadillo type scaled neck had colouration evolving, it was becoming something near beautiful!
Yet… in an ironic & cruel twist of fate, another evil creature, serpent, was beginning to grow at a terrifying pace inside my poor nephews head. CANCER!
That hideous & cruel creature germinated and grew, it spread its tenticular grip on his brain, it grew at a pace no-one had anticipated. He was given just 3 months life expectancy. He was made of sterner & stronger fighting material. This serpent wasn't going to end him before he had completed some "bucket-list" tasks. He did 90% of what he needed to do, then after 14 months his life and been invaded & ended by a much worse thing than a tattoo. The creature that was designed to be hideous and frightening, taking over his chest & back in skilful ink drawings, was a mere pixie a whisp of evil in comparison to the creature that ended him.
Tattoo's ? well okay.

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